Hey, I'm Jennifer Ross

Full Stack Web Developer

About me

I'm Jennifer Ross, a full stack web developer, UI designer, copywriter, and former public educator from Orlando, FL. I graduated from the University of Central Florida's Coding Bootcamp in 2019 and am proficient with the MERN (MongoDB, Express, React, NodeJS) stack. I also teach kids to code and design/develop websites for clients all over Central Florida.

I've worn a variety of hats throughout my professional life, but everything I’ve done has stemmed from a love of storytelling and learning. I’m excited to bridge gaps, solve problems, and help people connect through the ever-evolving web. Please check out my recent projects below, and say hello!

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COVID-19 Tracker
React application that displays COVID-19 data, including confirmed cases, recoveries, and death tolls. Utilizes React Hooks (including useReducer), Context (for light/dark mode), and React Router.
Natours is a framework for a tour booking site. I coded this with HTML/CSS(Sass) while completing Jonas Schmedtmann's Advanced CSS/Sass course. I converted it to a React application with reusable components for the cards, buttons, columns, and headings.
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Time for Teachers
A MERN stack web application that helps teachers track the time they are spending on required tasks and contrast that with how much planning/contractual time they are allotted.
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GitHub Battle (React Hooks)
React application that displays popular GitHub repositories categorized by language (JavaScript, Ruby, Java, CSS, Python) and allows users to input two usernames and "battle" to see who has a better profile based on star counts/followers.
GitHub Battle
Taste Buds
A full stack dining roulette application for friends. I created this application with three developers and was responsible for utilizing the Google Maps and Places API to randomly choose a restaurant based on the location entered by the user.
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Shows in Town
An event-planning application that utilizes the SeatGeek, Google Maps, Foursquare and Accuweather APIs to help users find an event, check the weather, locate the venue, and pick out great spots for dining and nightlife around it.
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